Gedenkstätte Deutscher Widerstand

The courtyard of one of the notorious assassination attempts on Hitler, The German Resistance Memorial Centre is built on a former German navy headquarters. With a permanent exhibit providing information of the many resistors of the National Socialist dictatorship, this centre pays tribute to all those groups and individuals that stood up and took action. Through personal stories and the exploration of groups, many previous untold tales are also brought to light. These extraordinary insights include how one man could have prevented everything after 1933 had Hitler not left the room mere minutes too soon.

Due to the exhibits being heavily reliant on text, the sheer volume of information can be overwhelming. However, the centre does also contain video exhibitions, one of which is dedicated to the Youth Resistance, and many photographs. Just do make sure to bring your reading glasses.

Start at level two – the permanent exhibition – and then move down to level one to see the temporary special exhibitions so as to get a full experience. The memorial is well structured, taking you round chronologically until you end in the commemorative courtyard, an eerie but beautiful site of remembrance. You can book a tour in advance if you’re feeling organised, but if you don’t mind reading there’s not much more to gain from it.

Tip: There are events going on across the year and to book a tour you must arrange 6–8 weeks in advance.

Useful Information

Address: Stauffenbergstraβe 13-14, 10785 Berlin-Mitte

Transport: Bus M29 Gedenkstätte Dt. Widerstand, M85 Kulturforum, 200 Tiergartenstraβe

Opening Hours: Mon–Fri 9am–6pm, Sat & Sun 10am–6pm


Admission: Free Entry

Beth Gray