Deutsches Currywurst Museum

Giant ketchup blob suspended from the ceiling, over-sized French fries, enormous sausage sofa – the Deutsches Currywurst Museum is a fun and flavoursome experience. Here, you can learn all about the iconic dish, from its humble origins in Herta Heuwer’s fast-food stall, to its appearances in television and film (including the documentary ‘Best of the Wurst’, screened in the Currywurst Kino). Slice sausages against the clock in the interactive game ‘CurryUp!’ and learn to tell your ‘Rhineland’ from your ‘Historical’ with the model currywurst plates. With illuminated spice drawers and sniffing stations, your senses will be surprised at every turn.

It may be said, however, that as with the sausage itself, the actual substance of the museum is questionable. It is worth a visit for its novelty, but be aware that it comprises just one room, and that this novelty gradually wears off. By the time you’ve reached the wall which shouts “I love currywurst!” in 10 different languages, you’ve received the message loud and clear and can think of nothing but the complementary taster awaiting you by the exit. And that’s another thing – a snack ticket might be worth the extra Euros – with the complementary ‘currywurst in a cup’, you don’t get much banger for your buck.

Useful Information

Address: Schützenstraße 70, 10117 Berlin Mitte, 100m off Checkpoint Charlie

Transport: U-Kochstraße

Opening hours: Open daily 10am-6pm

Adult – €11.00
Adult snack ticket – €13.90
Reduced* – €8.50
Reduced snack ticket – €12.50
*pupils aged 14+, students (valid student ID required), those with a 50% degree of disability, and senior citizens.
Regular ticket includes a ‘currywurst in a cup’ taster.
20% off regular tickets on ‘Museum Mondays’


Rosalind Perrett