Ella Back and Café

Ella Back and Café is a family owned café in Berlin that will touch your heart with its small business feel. Being a family owned business there is only one open in Berlin, and most of the products are homemade. The owner is an exceptionally nice man who’s generally working the counter with either his daughter or wife. It doesn’t matter if you can’t speak the same language, he finds ways to communicate and is very nice about it. Being that the family is Turkish the café serves a mixture of Turkish and German style food.

Another highlight is everything is delightfully cheap. The pastries and sandwiches are around one to three euros. They also offer great homemade lunches like stuffed peppers and an array of different soups for close to the same price. Of course there is a selection of coffee and tea as well. The café serves as a fantastic, quick, and cheap lunch stop as well as a nice spot to sit and have some coffee and soup made with love. If you’re heading to the Boxhagenerplatz flea market on a Sunday it’s a convenient stop for saving money on lunch on your way there.

Useful Information

Address: Boxhagener Str. 16, 10245 Berlin

Transport: M8 an M21

Opening hours: 6AM to 7PM.


Darian Prellwitz